NDT conversation with Ray Kurzweil

Wow, this was cool:)

btw I think my safety and sustainable practices Instructor first mentioned Ray K and brought his work to my attention. He said that this guy takes vitamins every day because he doesn’t want to ever die. My instructor was named Todd Ciborrowski i believe(not sure if spelled correctly) but all thingbs aside, I am impressed by the conversation from this vid.

Critical mocks longevity science

best comment: “the problem is that it wont be you; it’ll just be a copy of you.”

I’ve been a long time fan of this channel but This is the 2nd Cr1TiCaL penguinz0 video I’ve ever felt the need to press dislike on.  The first one was from a while ago regarding animal cruelty and I remember getting spam hate comments/mail for sticking up for vegans/vegetarians. the amount of people who actively shame the idea of living on through futuristic biotech is crazy.  I remember people calling cryogenics stupid and against god’s will. In fact, I believe the words were: ” Death is natural. Stop trying to fight God.”