Philosophy and Personal Beliefs

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I apologize in advance if some points are repeated in the contexts of different points as I’m still working on editing this page on my free time.

I may be a nobody in a way but I don’t believe you need to establish a career in order to have on point opinions that may resonate with some.  There seems to be a notion that if you have no experience with something, you are not credible.  I’ve met young and old/experienced people who make logical fallacies left and right.  I’ve met young and old people who can think clearly, reasonably, and rationally with consistent logical arguments.  So I do not believe age necessarily discriminates one’s validity in making any sort of point.

I will start off by saying that one of my main goals in life is to discover the secret of immortality in its truest sense.  I want to find out how to live forever so I can save the people I care about.  I believe this is possible if enough people are willing to work together to solve death.  In order to work towards this goal, it must be known that death is a negative and not something to look forward to as many people do with religion.  I realize that this goal is ambitious to the point of ridicule in some sense and I realize that I will most likely die before I can reach my goal, but I will have to trust that the legacies and descendants of our time will continue the pursuit in the far far future if the human race even survives that long.  I understand that living forever is an impractical goal that’s almost too challenging to the point where it may seem depressing as we will surely fail in the short terms of our lifetimes.  I would say the next best thing and a step towards this final goal is the extension of human life expectancy (although I would hope to one day be able to save all life ever from all time.)  Hopefully we can achieve the discovery of immortality before our planet hurls to its impending doom in space.  The worst outcome I can think of off the top of my head would be if everyone died prematurely and life would be extinct and forgotten forever as there would be no trace of human existence in space.  I am reminded of 2 points by Dawkins from this which I will paraphrase.  (1: how dare we think ourselves important when we most likely had nothing to do with bringing the first humans into existence.  We are the lucky ones compared to the countless who never were and never will be born.  2: for those trying to achieve immortality, overpopulation is an issue that must be considered.)

I think that no one should have to die if they’re not ready.  I want to provide the option to stay alive for as long as one may desire for however long they desire.  I would, for example, like to see everything in the universe from all time.  But I can’t because I was born in a time where I’ll die just before immortality is discovered.  If I had the power to restore life from all time, I would bring everyone back to life to create a heaven on earth.  In doing this, I realize problems will arise.  Like, how can you bring everyone back if time moves forward so sacrificing the present or the future would be required to restore the past?  To that, I say that may not be the case.  I say we aim to discover how to control time and reality and manipulate space so we are essentially gods creating heaven on earth. Even though I tend to strongly dislike most if not all religions, I’ve always thought the idea of seeing long lost loved ones, ancestors, and future descendants would be so fucking cool.  As far as overpopulation, I think outer space (as an infinite expanding universe/multiverse/omniverse) is big enough to sustain any number of people ever with its infinite resources.

I am looking for people I can group with to achieve the goal of striving towards immortality and/or extending life expectancy.  So if you’re reading this and you find this fascinating or noteworthy, please feel free to contact me by all means.

Anyways lol, on with my original rant/opinion,

I was taught to keep an open mind, but also separately taught that a mind too open can be a bad thing so it really depends on the situation as usual.  Both a closed and open mindset to varying degrees tends to be acceptable.  I try to always assess and weigh the evidence and remain rational.  Skepticism, life/death, truth/non-truths, and everything is important.

We need to be able to distinguish bullshit from the truth.

Political Views:

When it comes to politics, as with religion, my main concern is with the advancement and development of science.  Solving death should be a primary priority but in order to do that, people need to realize that death is a problem to begin with.  There are many people who disagree and raise points concerning overpopulation.  To overpopulation, I say let’s explore habitable planets in space as a solution.  Let’s deal with climate change back home.  And if we solve death, we can focus on figuring out how to resurrect everyone from all time so that no one has to die before they are ready ever again with no other options.  Life is valuable because it comes with a limited amount of time per individual life.   But I hope I’m not the only one who wants to be alive to see what the future is like a google/bajillion/[insert largest quantifiable number] years from now.  I sometimes wonder of the day when we can finally stop fighting over things that make our lives meaningful in the short term and start focusing on bigger issues for the long term?  We may well achieve anything and everything beyond any imagination if the limitations of time were no longer an issue.  When the eternal clock stops ticking and we die by black hole or something, we ultimately lose because we didnt make it in time.  Living forever is almost impossible but not exactly impossible.  That is the biggest difference people almost always fail to see and it applies to everything.

  • Secular Humanism: Good for goodness’ sakes. (Not because a god told me to) Science: The best means we currently have for interpreting properties of the reality we live in. Because I view this life as my one and only shot to exist of all time, my life is placed with more meaning than if it were all some test for an afterlife. I care about the survival of humanity and the legacy of those I care about. Even science fiction offers more probable and preferred possibilities than religion. Religion is a false hope for the fearful; it poisons society with ignorance and self-righteousness. I am for scientific progress and innovation; testable, peer reviewed, criticized ideas do not require faith. I am most interested in learning how to help people who do not want to blindly walk to their graves not have to die if they’re not ready. I want to extend human life expectancy to assist the future world. I think space exploration is the best way to solve the issue of overpopulation as of currently. And we could also fortify the planet and maybe one day control our galaxy so we would be able to choose to stop black holes, asteroids, and shit from hitting our home planet. Water is precious; humans pollute it. Life is precious; people don’t care because they get wishy-washy over what happens after death . These are the most important issues of today in my opinion. Sitting around and praying will not get God to solve famine, death, disease, poverty, etc.

Religious Views:

I went from neutral/unaligned to Christianity [Fundamental] to Open-Minded Christianity [liberal] to Theism to Deism to Polytheism[M.K.] to Agnosticism[C.W.] to unsubscribed/nonreligious to Atheistic Agnosticism to Agnostic Atheism to Atheism to Agnostic/Atheist/Secular Humanist/Scientist/Artist/Philosopher to Apostate/Heretic/Hero/potential martyr/Hardcore Atheist/ Ex-Christian.  I tend to still switch around between Agnostic and Atheist nowadays but I tend to always be pro science.  For any philosophical spin one spins positively also has the potential to be spun negatively.  So if anything is possible, anything is also impossible. And everything in between and beyond.  My realization that there is no god made me very angry because although I know it brings some people peace, it is ultimately the greatest lie every hoaxed on humanity to cope with the fact that death is scary.  My last version of my opinion on this went as follows:

    • Faith is defined as belief without evidence. I went from being raised Christian up until around the end of High School where I unsubscribed from my faith due to open mindedness combined with critical thought / logical arguments/fallacies and came to change my position over time many times. I went from Theist to Deist to Polytheist to Agnostic to Agnostic Atheist to Atheist to Athestic Agnostic to Secular Humanist to Agnostic/Atheist/Secular/Humanist/Artist/Scientist/Philosopher. Through each step, I slowly carved away the bullshit to define my position more clearly. But I don’t believe labels can sum up any one person. I believe everything is physically more complicated than that. It’s okay to be wrong or admit something is currently unknown. Everyone can improve; Life is an ongoing learning experience. I value new/different perspectives and opinions. I suspect that my skepticism towards mainstream religions, if not at least all religions I’ve encountered are justified; Here’s why: So apparently if God commands you to kill your infant child, it then becomes moral to do so from a Christian perspective. If God asks you to kill your family to prove your loyalty to him and your faith in him, you must do so in order to be a good Christian. If a man rapes a woman, he must pay the victim’s father 50 shekels of silver and marry his rape victim as punishment according to the bible. The bible justifies slavery and my dog apparently has no soul and is not as valuable as a human. No one ever tells you about this stuff because religion and politics is considered by many as taboo or because people should be able to believe whatever insane nonsense they want that can lead them to make harmful choices which affects those around them as long as it’s “harmless” in the short term. Street preachers and bible thumpers want you to focus on the parts they like or the parts they think you’d like. But the truth is not dictated by what we like. Focusing solely on the positive is living in blissful ignorance. I love the real people who are there for me in my life infinitely more than a god that claims to be all powerful yet does not demonstrate his own existence and then demands worship or I be damned to hell for eternity. This god guy sounds like a morally inferior thug if he has to blackmail me with hell to get what he wants. Everyone’s all like, “He loves you unconditionally”. But wait there are a few conditions: Baptism, Faith, Blind devotion… There is a severe lack of empirical evidence required to prove any gods’ existence so I choose to suspend my judgement until any evidence is shown. In the meantime, I’d place my bet that no god(s) exists and that most religions and gods are nothing more than psychological placebos that prey on those looking to find meaning in their lives to comfort them about coping with death and dying. Death is final; Consciousness requires a brain. When we die, we face oblivion/nothingness/ nonexistence for the rest of the future of the history of the universe. It’s not just the screen going black/dark; It’s us returning to the state of existence from before we were born. That’s how much it’ll probably hurt for us after we die. (Btw, most people don’t realize brain activity can still be active for a while after taking a bullet to the brain. (same goes for leathal injection in many cases) We wind down and out of existence in chaos while paralyzed and possibly in unimaginable pain for the final moments of our dying existence.) When we die one day, we are all going to decay and our atoms are going to be redistributed into other things in the constantly shifting and expanding universe we live in. That is, unless we find a way to preserve and/or prolong life which may allow us to spend eternity unlocking greater secrets. This life is each of our exclusive yet brief 100 years (approx.) to exist ever of all time. We are but a blink of life in the span of all time. We will likely never live to see what life is like in a million years from now, but we are fortunate to be alive at all in the first place and have a human experience with life’s ups, downs, and choices to make the best of our situations. yolo? yloo? lol whatever. Carpe diem but don’t lose sight of as many perspectives as possible. Open mindedness, criticism, and doubt are all kinds of valuable allies in improving in all aspects. I used to be a Christian, but I gradually began to build up questions of doubt as I listened more and more to different people about their perspectives and my religion (especially fellow Christians). To my surprise, there were lot of contradictions that would occur from one’s interpretation to the next. To some, killing is okay as long as the killer is truly sorry and to others it is never okay. And then there are the fundies that think killing is always okay as long as God commands it. I would be more worried about the fundamentalists obviously, but they are being true to the bible so it’s not clear as so many people seem to fail to agree on the right interpretation. I set out to check if my beliefs were solid. I soon found that by simply examining the bible closely, a plethora of contradictions and logical fallacies pass by many who read it and choose to ignore it because God must have a reason for his hypocritical actions. The bullshit detector in my head explodes when I hear things like “God exists because the bible proclaims it.” while “The bible is credible because it’s God’s word.”. That makes me realize that some people don’t like to think and would rather repeat fake bullshit circular pseudo logic they hear and never double check before spewing it out like an indoctrinated conformist. I’m talking about the kind of person that would jump off a cliff because everyone around them is doing it. Now I am an apostate, heretic, heathen, a misguided fool that does not believe in God. I have experienced an alarming revelation about reality that many will never experience in their lives. And so here I stand now. I will never again bow to God; I am free.
    • When we die, we die alone.  But I’m hoping to fix this problem with my life.  Holding an opinion as boldly as this is dangerous because radical extremists on the opposite end of the spectrum probably want me gone for speaking out against religion.
    • Why do I make such a big deal about this? Because I am concerned with discerning truth from nontruths. The sooner we come to a mutual understanding about the world, the sooner we can come together as a species and work on solving greater issues. United we stand, divided, we fall.

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