Airsofting with XBL friends

It’s not much. I’m just getting used to using Windows Movie Maker even though I’m aware it’s the low quality equivalent to le Paint Program. This footage was shot at the start of a match using a digital camera instead of a GoPro. It was difficult and inconvenient to hold so I held it like a tac knife from cod…lol… and it made it a little better. That’s why the pistol appears on the right of the screen when I’m actually holding it with my left hand. There was no lens protection so I was nervous keeping it exposed like that. Luckily, it didn’t get hit by anyone. Keep in mind that this is from the gun’s perspective since it wasn’t attached to my helmet which is why most of the shots are pointed at the ground.

Halo 1: 3 Gun Run



CoD AdvWf Force Platform

Exo Zombies 1

Exo Zombies 2 [Pt 1]

Exo Zombies 2 [Pt 2]


Most of these vids are old test uploads, not my best performances by any means but still me.


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