mass effect movie! 

im stoked to see this when it comes out. but “unlike anything you’ve ever seen”? lol mass effect: citadel of a thousand planets. same logo as mass effect. same armor as mass effect. alien species inspired by and/or mirror mass effect’s variation? hmm this must be a coincidence lol

Atheist v Agnostic NDT

i may have commented on this vid before? not sure but here’s what i would say about it today rn

It’s not an either/or question. You can be Atheist and Agnostic at the same time; hence the terms: Agnostic Atheist / Atheistic Agnostic. There’s this notion out there in a lot of the comments that ive been seeing for a while that atheists are wrong for claiming that there is no god with 100% certainty. Atheism is defined by the lack of a belief in god. There’s a difference between saying : “I don’t believe in god” and “I believe there is no god”. Agnosticism vs Gnosticism; Atheism vs Theism. Everyone’s all afraid of the word atheist nowadays but can’t we all agree that we’re all just a bunch of heretics and apostates and get along? lolcuz religion = 1 mega placebo…

halo and star wars to start off the morning

I got every achievement from all halos pre halo 5. a lot of the ones on this list are pretty hard. endure and two for one id say would be the hardest ones imo. but, in the wise words of some marine, “the only thing worse than jackals… are jackals with sniper rifles.” ooh, and mongoose mow-down for scout shoulders in h3 i remember was a beach to get lol cuz most of the time it would just slightly tap their shields if u didnt get it just right

story of battle droids free from mind control who dont want to die. interesting.