Religion and Politics in art forms like vid games. and some comedy.

WARNING: COD WW2, Destiny 2 May Cause Brain Damage (Not a Joke)

BDobbinsFTW: Let’s Politicize Video Games.  Halo on religion, skyrim on politics, kotors about world history.  I strongly agree with this vid.

LTN: which halo difficulty is truest to the lore

Maybe you can use your lightsaber to cut those trees down and make a bridge.  (lmfao and the comments section xD)

If yu gi oh was made by ea


Benicio Del Toro stands up for his character in The Last Jedi

I actually really enjoyed his character’s performance contrary to many. At first I wasnt sure but after thinking about it, I came to the same understanding on why he spoke the way he did. To me, it felt like he had a bunch of dialogue options ready kotor style and much like his hacking key chips, he selects the one that is most appropriate for his situation and may change/adapt his sentence choice based on how his situation changes.

My response to this vid and the comments section

lol, while there are a lot of good and entertaining points being made, what ever happened to normal being normal? xP
if halo’s are played on easy, mc would indeed wreck covies but wouldnt be required to perform as skillfully as a legendary version of himself which would actually make the legendary demon title cheif earns much more deserving compared to easy. but im not saying legendary is necessarily the answer. in fact i dont think it could be that simple given that each game plays so differently.
i think there are many contradictions that prevent any single difficulty from being justified as the “canon” difficulty. even when they all shared the phrase, “this is the way it was meant to be played”, normal in h1 isnt the same as normal in h2 for example and this applies to all difficulties across all halos not even counting the skulls in each game.
halo ce is different than halo ce anniversary as there are changes to gameplay even if they are kind of small changes i think it’d be fair to say that should still be taken into account.
but also, consider that levels of each faction’s technology changes per game. ie plasma pistol and sniper rifles dont behave the same in h2 compared to h1. so cheif’s armor from h1 to h2 doesnt necessarily have to be an “upgrade” but perhaps a newer iteration that has its pros and cons as a variant. halo 5’s depiction of classic armor suits arent assests that have been transferred exactly but instead a rebooted version of the armor set. and I’ve always wondered how the halo 1 pistol might’ve functioned in other halo games so im glad they brought it into 5 but this doenst make the issue any less complicated.
before watching this vid, my initial thoughts involved the whole “heroic: this is how halo was meant to be played” but then u mentioned that lol and then I thought cheif being called demon might make more sense on easy but then i came to what i said earlier. so i guess canon difficulty depends on the player’s skill? (if a player is so bad, they *throw* a frag at the wall and end up getting themselves killed, then easy might make more sense compared to anything higher. but if a player is skilled enough to handle legendary, combat becomes more realistic and intense)

I’ll have to say in the end it most likely depends on each players’ skill but what if a player doesn’t perform consistently twice?

All in all, this is a fictional universe obv but if we want to try and make it match reality just cuz, then are we talking about new/alt universes for each time chief dies on legendary? lol mind=baloon(blown)

What if the answer is all of the above / every difficulty is a plausible answer?

Come to think of it, the halo 5 gunfighter magnum is essentially the closest thing to the halo 2 magnum:P