Once I get out of school, I’m going to work on extending human life expectancy to potentially unlock  the secrets to immortality.  Currently, I am studying Illustration and am also pursuing a certificate in Biomedical Rendering at CSULB.  I think it’s important to stay in touch with the artistic and creative side of my mind much like Da Vinci.  Many great minds were not recognized in their time.  I am probably going to die trying to achieve my life’s pursuit but Fuck it! I AM GOING TO HELP GUIDE HUMANITY OUT of the false truths it has forged for its own comfort in times of extraordinary existential crises.  Waking up in a world where one is often taught from birth that God created everything and is ultimately responsible leaves one’s intellect unsatisfied after much thought.  Realizing religion is essentially a placebo to cope with death is a shocking and alarming experience.  Death denial is fascinating.  I believe with the right people, we can conquer death and control our fates one day.  And then proceed to greater pursuits.  In the meantime, I try to enjoy my life while giving my all in understanding and observing the natural world around me.  Feel free to join in if you’re interested.

onto my original intro lol:

Hey there.  I’m James and this is my blooge.  I also go by aifa0003, HelMask, and jjhf140.  Here I compile references and resources I refer to or may refer to in the future.  There’s a lot of information out there on the internet so at times, it can become hard to know what resources are more reliable as compared to others.  I do my best to share my findings here; I don’t always reblog every bit of content I come across although I’d like to.  I hope you find the content here useful, if not at least entertaining as food for thought.

A little bit about myself:

If I had to choose…
Truth or Sadness: Truth
Truth or Happiness: Truth
Happiness or Sadness: Happiness
Happiness or Longevity: Longevity

I have my own life story and I’m enjoying all of it.


我的名字是 洪光廷
Я всегда вокруг.
三八… XP


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