Halo Waypoint Bio

Been playin Halo since CE. I’ve loved every halo game and I think 343 gets too much undeserved hate. I am a fan of constructive criticism. I wish reqs were not one time uses. I feel Doom 2016 is a worthy and honorable competitor to the Halo franchise as their MP customization is very much inspired by Halo and their game mechanics show how removing sprint is viable for successfully balanced gameplay. While I love all characters in the halo universe, Kelly 087, Kurt 051, and Dr. Halsey are my favorite characters.I would describe myself as an Agnostic Atheist / Atheistic Agnostic, Secular Humanist, Godless Altruist, Heretic Hero, Apostate[Ex-Christian] + I value art, science, philosophy, and critical thinking.
So I did not care for:
“If those Covies want to meet God, it’s our duty to help them along!” -Palmer Halo 4
“You don’t get to play God!” – Locke from Nightfall
“I figure if God can hear how scared I am, so can everyone else.” – Buck during H5 intro
I found those lines to be a bit too on the nose. I wanted to care about them as likable characters but I can’t help but cringe when I hear things like that and it breaks me off from wanting to root for them as underdogs. I would’ve thought in such an advanced age of humanity, we’d be better than that. I think it’s okay to have characters with flaws as that allows them to develop over time through arcs. I’m just not sure that was the original intent when those lines of dialogue were written and it makes me question the direction halo is going in. I hope Halo does well in the future as it provided me with much entertainment and food for thought as a child.I am an illustrator and love sci fi concept art (esp halo obv) my strengths are in designing armor and environments. I hear halo 6 will be returning to an older art style. That sounds neat to me but I also didn’t have gripes with 4 and 5’s armor like many others so having more options would be nice imo. I hope armor can be earned without RNG maybe like H3 or Reach. Halo 5 has improved much since launch; I hope they keep it up:)Although I am an illustrator, I hope to one day help SENS work on extending life expectancy through the advancements of science and technology. I hope to protect and preserve encounterable life in the universe because the chance of life existing at all is rare. In my view, threats need to be neutralized, not necessarily killed. Because as an atheist, chances of existing ever again as a conscious living being, is practically nonexistent.


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