Atheist Debates – Matt Dillahunty vs Phillip Christie: should one believe in God?

Wow, hats off to both speakers. For once every so often, I can respect and applaud both sides by the end of this.  Here’s a well done debate if anyone might give a wee shit as i can imagine, most people would find this too uninteresting to sit through. i play video games and listen to this kind of stuff every day. Helps me exercise and sharpen my mind. no brainy hurty. “shut up about that atheism stuff no one cares.” maybe, but i care about the people that are interested more than the people who complain about potentially offensive posts.  lol im sorry if the word atheism triggers you…


I have been a long time fan of Matt’s debate style; Phillip was very clearly able to keep up which is rare for any apologist I’ve seen thus far.  Definitely an interesting debate here. And I loved how it ended.


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