Anti aging diet

ive always suspected that there is no one size fits all answer. Although i would think diet dies affect health: ie: the idea that popcorn is linked to memory loss and cancer?

My point here is that if a person eats potato chips their entire life, another person eats a “balanced diet their entire life, and a third person eats nothing their entire life, all three are bound to have different results based on their unique diets alone. But I believe it may be possible each person’s body attempts to make do with whatever each person feeds themselves with. and so the person who eats nothing may hunker down their appetite over time, the person who eats chips will have a slightly higher immunity to the negative health effects of chips, and the person with the balanced diet will become dependent on that kind of doet in order to function which can act as another layer of backup energy or act as a weakness. Hard to say really…


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