Atheist v Agnostic NDT

i may have commented on this vid before? not sure but here’s what i would say about it today rn

It’s not an either/or question. You can be Atheist and Agnostic at the same time; hence the terms: Agnostic Atheist / Atheistic Agnostic. There’s this notion out there in a lot of the comments that ive been seeing for a while that atheists are wrong for claiming that there is no god with 100% certainty. Atheism is defined by the lack of a belief in god. There’s a difference between saying : “I don’t believe in god” and “I believe there is no god”. Agnosticism vs Gnosticism; Atheism vs Theism. Everyone’s all afraid of the word atheist nowadays but can’t we all agree that we’re all just a bunch of heretics and apostates and get along? lolcuz religion = 1 mega placebo…


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