As much as I respect Tyson, I’ve actually come to disagree with his stance on this issue.  You see, I would choose to live forever if I could because I would be willing to spend the rest of time doing what hasn’t  been done yet because i dont   know that it has been done yet and I want to experience every possible experience at least once.  It is precisely the idea of “what’s the point of getting out of bed in the morning if you’ve always got tomorrow to do i?” that would allow one to see that if you equipped a procrastinator with immortality,no progress  is made. But if you equip an ambitious and wise person with immortality, everything that ever could happen will happen over time.  This is the fundamental difference between our views. I am disappointed by the religious and the hard agnostics that talk down to atheists as if they are the same as religious people when they are mot. I am ex religious and agnostic atheist so i would wish to clear this up to those willing to learn what clarifications need to be made here.


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