Halo 4 / 5 forerunner combat enjoyment issue

I like and agree with much of what was said here. I think it would be a lot more fun to fight prometheans if they had more unique weapons and looks. Ya think 343 might have gone in the direction they did because they thought it might be more immersive and likely that an advanced species would be scarier if they were less predictable? The prometheans are difficult to fight because they are tedious and they play on you psychologically by confusing you with their over-designed equipment. The prometheans wouldn’t want to be easily countered or fun to fight so it would make sense why prometheans are the way they are. I don’t mean to sound like I’m trying to fanboy justify mistakes but I do think that the choices make sense from a certain point of view. I think it would be interesting if the promethean weapons chronologically were developed based on studying human and covenant weapons so that they wouldn’t give away their more advanced tricks. what if every time a forerunner unit appears to die, it is actually just analyzing the opponent’s fighting style in order to counter it? 

I would say halo 2 is my fav because of the heretic storyline. the idea of realizing the religion was a lie is an awesome storytelling tool.  the covenant were fun to fight for a different reason and they color coded themselves because they were religiously blinded. humanity on the other hand if they were the enemy would be about as much fun to fight as the prometheans. There are essentially just marines and spartans and all the marines look basically the same from a distance


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