Fuck death

OMG! Cockroach giving birth while being devoured by fire ants! – youtube vid by antscanada.

vid from sept 24 2015.

101k likes / 25k dislikes.

today is sat. mar 18 2017.

Fuck all the people who are just jacking off to the roaches getting eaten alive saying things like “spawn killed xD” or “I’m glad those roaches are dead. I hate roaches because one time one touched me and it was gross”. To those who justify these deaths with god’s mysterious ways, I say religion is bullshit. society deems insects as evil when nature is actually not inherently evil nor good. people have been killing other living things for thousands of years. I wouldn’t be surprised if any of the things we humans have killed want to kill us back.those killers make humans look bad and ruin the reputation for the rest of us. And there’s no way to undo the damage accumulated over all these years of evolution where human is the enemy of other living organisms now hardwired in their genes. We still can’t communicate with animals like we can communicate with people so it’s not like we could ever tell them what we’ve done to their parents and ancestors. Most people I’ve seen have a shit ability to communicate. I’m not saying I’m anyone special but so much of the world doesn’t even try to stop living things from suffering. bunch of selfish pussies. Fuck death. Fuck ignorant people and I appreciate the dislike bar on this vid. this guy’s an enabler of the suffering. Hopefully one day we might rise above this petty shit as a species and be able to take care of all life so nothing will ever have the need to end another life.


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