My initial response to my first viewing of the most recent video from beyond psychology as of rn lol eyy wassap iron curtn!

my friend, I think individualism may exist more so than how you’ve portrayed it not exist. while what you say about our atomic composition being recomposed and redistributed into future living organisms may be true, I don’t know that this means we will ever experience consciousness inevitably ever again necessarily. (that is, in the same way we experience consciousness today and when we were born.) the key word in this is “necessarily”. What might be required in order to experience consciousness once again after death would involve something along the lines of our brains being recreated in the same state where it left off at before -or even more probably, our brains having continued growth which would require that the atoms that last made up our brain during our ability to have a thought as an individual be prevented from dying in the first place.
i am reminded of the michio kaku teleportation star trek example. is consciousness nothing more than us being information interacting?
it is for this reason that we feel the need to preserve our individual identity by living forever in some form that allows us to choose to manipulate the environment rather than allowing the environment to manipulate our cells(in the case of our dead skin cells laying around the house as dust which we have lost perhaps all connection to as far as I know.) form/tanshumanistic/robotic/organic/etc . to preserve the consciousness we know as close to maximal certainty exists for ourselves
. i dont mean to sound assholy if i do.

an awesome thing about you making a video and me commenting is that this isnt the end of the discussion. overall im not saying you’re necessarily wrong but i am saying u haven’t maybe considered my perspective yet? but of course who am i to expect you to know what I would subjectively and objectively want you to say?

after all, we are two different individuals that are similar in many ways. but we are separate minds that may be connected in the grand scheme of things, but if I can’t always agree with you, I can’t say that we are 100% part of each other although I don’t always agree with myself. i talk to you the same way i would talk to myself mentally. 

if you will, talk to me as if you’re talking to yourself. show the same level of respect you would show yourself intellectually. while we may be on similar but different levels of intelligence, I think we understand each other enough to look into each other’s perspectives better than most others.
this is helmask from xbox btw hi wassap homie
do i make a fair point or might you somewhat disagree/agree?
fact is you are making claims. and with claims comes the ability to never be 100% certain about anything i think lol. i am simply playing devils advocate but in this case, also invoking my own perspective as best i can to help come to a better understanding.
i would say your take on the lack of individualism is optimistic while my take on there being some sort of individualism in at least some sense is a more pessimistic view. yours comes to terms and copes while mine fuels the idea of individual isolation which is scary i would say. but perhaps my pessimistic view is one that may drive humanity to fight natural mortality.
i find that i agree with most of what you say in your video.
with insanity being defined as doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result, i would argue that in a way, different results are indeed achieved through each trial. it may not be the different result we like or want, factors have been changed so long as time for example continues to move forward and different factors continue to change positions in space and time.
i love what you say about making sure life isn’t destroyed around the end. it would be nice to experience the life of a bird or a dolphin one day in the far future. If it’s anything like how it was before I was born, then I can’t say I’d know what that feels like if you know what I mean. I may be wrong and what you’re saying certainly is in the realm of possibility as far as I can say I know and/or am aware of.
great video and keep it up! 🙂


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