Aubrey De Grey – Immortalist

What. The. Holy. Hell. Yes! Everything I’ve come to care about regarding the issues of aging and mortality are already in progress by researcher Aubrey De Gray. Like I suspected, not enough of the world cares about solving death so we might actually fail to reach immortality and instead die shortly before it is achieved. So as a result, progress in the fight against aging, death, and unhealthiness is rather slow. Overall, this is probably the most important thing I’ve discovered (catching me way the fuck off-guard when I should be sleeping/doing hw) and I want everyone who might also care about this at all to be informed and join up if you see the potential to solve death like I do. I’m going to take my life in this direction. Live Forever… Or Die Trying.

This is a resource I want to share with anyone who might benefit from this which will, I believe, tremendously help make the world a better place.


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