My goal in life

I am an atheist. I do not accept death and am aiming to conquer it. While it may be true that death can help give life meaning, I submit death is the ultimate loss of opportunity for an individual’s consciousness. And it applies permanently if humanity fails to survive as a species. The universe will die one day and hopefully we will have found for humanity to survive by then. It’d be kind of cool if humanity was designed as an experiment for self replicating organisms that evolve and adapt over time. I believe religion tends to allow one to believe a placebo in order to bring false comfort when time appears too short. Compared to the atheistic point of view, it’s the easy way out. I want to dedicate my life to learning how to extend human life expectancy and/or become immortal and live forever. I may fail and people may disagree, but I’m doing this precisely because this is the only chance I should expect to get in trying to do this. That is, unless of course something crazy happens where I’m resurrected in the far future for whatever reason. It’s going to be hard achieving this alone, so I hope I’m not the only one trying control death. If immortality is achieved, we can spend unlimited time figuring out how to control time and bring back everyone from all time and perhaps even everyone who could’ve been in existence but for whatever reason wasn’t in ours. And most of all, I’m not doing this because a god told me to.


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