Bill Nye on mortality

I want to learn how to live forever so damn badly or at the very least extend human life expectancy.
I think this can be done without resorting to the religion placebo.
I do understand that death is what gives life meaning but in the end, I think a true evolutionary victory would be one where everyone is allowed to live forever through science and depart on their terms when they’re ready if ever. Under this circumstance, we could work on manipulating time and space to discover possibly all that the universe will ever have to offer if it is finite (which i suspect is worthy to doubt) With the power to live forever, we would essentially have unlimited time to discover how to bring back everyone ever from all time and provide them the option of living forever as well. It may sound like a long shot, but I say it’s most certainly better (imo) than not being able to exist at all and instead remain in the face of oblivion for the rest of eternity.
Some people worry about smaller problems like overpopulation which can be solved with planetary exploration. Others worry about bigger problems like the impending death of the universe ticking down with every moment. But wait I forgot, we’re here now worrying about… social issues and stuff. eh, I guess? I’ll be in the lab if anyone needs me lol
I love learning about the universe and reality and I think providing an opportunity to self and those who couldn’t be here with us would allow us all to appreciate being given the same opportunity forever.


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