HelMask’s contemplation 12 11 16 – Memories / Fragments / 115 – Thinking about the existence of all things that can or never will exist.


i was thinking when i woke up this morning, what if everything in the world is a result of remnants of prev big bangs mixed with the most recent big bang.  Black holes that overflow before they can consume all life in the universe.   When they can’t handle packing shit in their everlasting gravitational pull to compact everything into a dot, they “explode too early” and as  a result, we have floating rocks pushed into motion and covered with microorganisms.  This might be an argument for how the earth is composed of things older than other things that carbon date earlier.What if life is able to happen again because the rare combination that composes my consciousness is recreatable from after many black hole / big bang cycles?  What if I never come back to life for the rest of eternity and face oblivion? I despise death more than fear it at this point.  I want to solve all the world’s problems and learn how to control time and live forever.  If reincarnation happens, it may not be me…  This is too huge a concept for most to fathom.  Imagine learning to be born into a world again where u have to learn all of its laws of physics all over again only to exist for another blink of time.  This tells me that I was born too early.  I envy my descendants who I hope do not lose sight of humanity’s goal to survive.

What If After We Die, Oblivion Awaits Us All?

Would being an undead zombie be better than not being alive at all? Hard question. but I’d prob say yes.  bcz although Death + Time is what gives life Value, life is still the thing that is valued, so yes existence is preferable to nonexistence.  At least, I would be alive.


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