inspecting some spiritual vids/perspectives

Just watched Joe Rogan’s comedy slecials on netflix last night.  Both had me lmao by the end and I would say are very applicable to this election’s outcome.  it’s very reminiscent of bush’s presidency in some ways. Very eye opening.  I almost shared it on fb

I also watched koi fresco / koi’s corner  on infinite water’s 10 secrets maraj smokrs wont tell you. & his vid on “why i stopped watching porn” by infinit watrs.  and watching porn? 3 *urgent* reasons why you should stop right now” I also watched koi’s vids on do i believe in a god (skeptical view) and was jesus christ a buddhist? & why im not having kids & i’m not bhuddist anymore? And vid by simply_kenna on Buddhism // how i see it. & how to convert an atheist by holy koolaid. koi on “why i stopped smoking weed… (life changing)” and why i spent a year in jail… (and how it saved my life) and a video on vegatarianism vs veganism by koi.

I found koi’s sperspective to be fascinating (especially on his jail experience) and weed but I’m not sure I’d agree with the veganism v vegetarianism.  Infinite waters’s presentation reminds me of one of my old childhood best friends Chris (neighbor) in that he believes faith-based / superstitious claims and presents it as evidence and justification for why weed and drugs may be okay. simply_kenna enabled likes/dislikes but disabled comments for her vid (I would guess when the comments section got out of control at some point) and I agreed with a lot of what holy koolaid said in his vid.  I respect all of these perspectives and disagree/agree with much of the content but it is definitely interesting.  I think having recently watched doctor strange, I’ve become a little more open to the possibility of there being some greater force out in the universe that I initially may not have believed.  now I feel as if my opinion is playing tug-of war with itself.  just as how I switch between leaning agnostic vs leaning atheist at times, this tug of war plays on that dynamic of conflict.  my position on where I stand has moved very slightly after contemplating these vid’s content after a couple of days it has been now since ive watched.  as more days pass, I can only consider these things in their proper contexts.  jumbled in my mind.  as i’ve got an essay to get to rn.


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