dr strange and a moth being eaten by a spider

Dear Diarrhea, So I was about to walk into my house until I saw a spider harassing a trapped moth right outside my door by the doorbell. The spider kept poking at it aggressively trying to get a good shot so it would be able to eat the moth alive. The moth, fighting for its life could not get out of the web as it would have spent all of its energy only to be eaten alive. I was like FUCK THAT SHIT! And I ran into the house and grabbed a pair of disposable chopsticks from the kitchen and used it to separate the moth and the spider. As I separated them, the moth freaked the fuck out and eventually stopped moving. The spider crawled back into its dark web and will have to starve for now as far as I know. Now, I don’t know if I scared the moth to death or gave it a temporary minor heart attack paralysis or if I accelerated the damage dealt for its injuries or I I was just too late because maybe baby spiders I couldn’t see might have been eating it too while it was struggling to get out or if I had just saved its life. I hoped that I saved its life in that moment. I know that both are going to die anyways somehow sometime. But I saw a suffering creature in that moment that needed some saving even if it had already been slightly eaten by the spider. I was essentially halting a slow, painful death where the moth would be eaten alive trapped and struggling to stay conscious at the expense of the spider’s meal and possibly the meal of baby spiders. I just couldn’t walk away knowing that a creature would die an agonizingly slow and horrific death when I was right there and could do something about it. I know this happens elsewhere in places far from me around the world all the time. I imagine many people would not go to the lengths I did only to let the moth bleed out peacefully. Others would either kill one/both or stand by and do nothing and carry on saying this is nature taking its course. Well I say Fuck That! If that’s the case, I am a part of nature and I have the choice of intervening if only to lessen the suffering of that moth. I don’t see any God saving the life of that helpless moth so I choose to take an action that I cannot say is simply good or bad. I did the best I could in the moment I was in. I did not unwrap the moth or maybe I did and did not know but I don’t know how to get it out without also killing the moth. So by the shitty circumstance, it will have to figure out how to free itself if it is to go on. I left the moth on a shelf outside my house living room window a few feet away from my door because I thought leaving it on the ground would increase the possibility of other hidden insects to find and finish it. And while I may have been delaying the inevitable, in a way, I allowed the damaged moth to sit out in the night to breathe and be conscious for a little while longer and that is a kindness I would give to all living things if I could. I feel traumatized seeing death on a smaller scale as there was another experience one time where a praying mantis was eating a squirming moth alive on my screen door to my backyard. I was so shocked to see it happening live in front of my face and I didn’t know what to do and could only watch and feel terrible. At least this time, I can say I took action that I’m proud of.  All of this, by the way, was when I had just driven home with my gf from seeing Doctor Strange. I thought the movie was funny, clever, and thought provoking as well and mind boggling. Provides lots of food for thought and evokes many philosophical concepts I am interested in. I didn’t expect to like it at all as The conversion of skeptic to believer turned me off but while it is still that, it piqued my interest in a different and clever way. I would highly recommend seeing it if only for the shits and giggles.


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