november 3rd Street preacher (pleasent)

So I just got out of my asian art history class and I walk by the normal street preaching area and there are two people having a conversation.  I agreed more with the college students points.  He argued as I imagined I would have argued.  they first talked about mathematical theory. economics, poverty,  etc. both guys were molested and beaten when younger apparently and ccame from similar upbringing circumstances.  the older man preaching used to be homeless until he found a job and had enough to give to others.  the young man overcame hos harahips theough secular means.  they both thought each other to be dodging points.  The young man said at the begining of the conversation that he has done pot but admitted he lied about that to prove a point.  the old man admitted his failure was taking the young man at his word. this proves that faith is not always reliable.  The old man was holding a white sign about how we shouldnt smoke pot.  I wanted to jump in on how i agree with both sides but for dif reasons. i dont believe in the bible as good thing but i think pot is a bad thing although i am pro pot freedom.  i think dodging is okay in the same way cowards do survive like starscream.  its a tactical way to be smart.  if someone points” out look that person is dodging!” its like yea of course they dodge, that’s how u stay safe from getting hit.  getting hit is only welcome if it can be compensated and healed by a following argument or reinforced by support to strengthen the agenda to win the war at the cost of some battles or pawns. basic chess so i didnt take issue ao much with either sode dodging. i listed the main important things icould remember but obv o didnt get every detail. the old man had green logical argument not theological arguemrn pamphlet i didnt take.   in the end they shook hands and i said wait. i just wanted to say you both had an interesting wonderful conversation that i didnt want to interrupt bcz it would break the flow of the dialogue.  i was the audience in this debate and i was glad this happened.  i said how i alligned my philosophy and beliefs with the young man but i really loved how the old man is not a yellow sign holder that yells at people sayin we’re goin to hell. this old man was peaceful and respectful and so was the young man.  Im proud that a peaceful resolution was able to come about from agreeing to disagree and I think this is better for society although it makes it harder to tell religion it’s wrong and evil. lol well this was quite interesting and I had a great time listening. all theee of us left the conversation hapily.  them two empathized and said im sorry you had a rought past before i said anything. 


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