Sound design vs sound quality in halo games by LNG

I’ve played the hell out of every halo and ive gotta say, i felt Halo 1 classic to have the best AR sound of all ARs. The new ones sound like plastic toys although I do realize it is sci fo, there is a sweet spot that, if missed, can break the immersion for the player by that much. There was also something quite nice about the metal clanks you’d hear from meleeing a living/dead hunter or marine in halo1. There was I guess a blunt simplicity that did the trick for me personally. But I suppose one could argue that firing a toy at an alien is justifiable when ur master chief lol bcz it’d be like saying all MC needs is no more than a bb gun to kick anyone’s ass. Other than that though, I love the progression of sound design and quality for the classic halos. I think with 343s sound design, the strengths and weaknesses flipped so what bungie got imperfect, 343 improved at the cost of what bungie got right. Perhaps 343 could have succeeded in pulling off a consistent foley if they had used the same formula for recreating the original sounds to carry over significant recognizable qualities in the new sound design. btw im studying conceptual art but I do have a deep appreciation for sound in games. Loved the vid as always LNG keep it up:)


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