Angel (cat) RIP

I am against euthanization and mercy killing.  I want to dedicate my life solving death and saving all life.  Last night my gf’c passed away and after talking with her, my brother, and my parents, I realized that I should not be focusing on death and saving all life in the world.  I need to remember to live my own life a little and enjoy it while I’m still alive.  My parents know I have a kind heart; they reminded me that I’ve always been someone who cares about the tradgedy of death.  When a leaf would fall from a tree, I would cry as a child. they said.). the end of a life always upsets me more and more.  Both of my parents provided me with wisdom last night.  it’s like I need two therapists rather than just one.  my mom said I talk like jesus.  My gf said it would be halarious if i was the 2nd coming since im like the hardest atheist ever lol


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