4 ways humans can beat death (testtube plus/ trace)

I’m not saying I’m anyone special but I do want to live forever. I’m an agnostic atheist (leaning towards hard atheism). I know this comments section is a shit storm… not tryna start any fights but I just want to cast my vote as a viewer.
I think about death and dying all the time. It does give life value but at the same time, beating death is every species’ biological goal for the most part. I used to believe many things. I keep coming back to having to trust humanity of the future to be respectful of our choices regarding what happens to our bodies after death.
Issues of overpopulation can be solved with space exploration and expansion.
I for one, do still want to see what happens to existence in the future because I care what happens. I want to be able to know that not everything will be destroyed and forgotten. I want to live and help more people live. I don’t ultimately believe in generalizing people as good or bad people. I love all of life.


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