OK! SO I’m sick and tired of seeing ignorance from youtube comments lol.  People in the comments section are arguing about headless stormtroopers and whether it should have been included in the game at all. They seem to not know that not all stormtroopers are clones, a helmet provides protection, taking a helmet off is against regulations but soldiers will still do it anyways if they are in the heat of battle and about to die.  It is almost their right to choose to die with or without a helmet.  People say they shouldnt have faces because they look dumb.  or because old asian women being a stormtrooper ruins the feel of sw.  People dont understand why luke and han took their helmets off.

Stormtroopers are all human because humans were the superior race whether it be black, asian, white, old, or young.  The idea was that humans were nazis like how only blond hair and blu eyes could bbe nazis in wwii.  Soldiers are soldiers and the empire’s policy is humans only.  Soldiers can be old or young!

And Finally,,, Rebels and empire had the same head options because anyone who is a rebel could just as easily be a stormtrooper.  Many rebels consist of imperials who had defected from the empire such as han solo.  Yes it is convenient to call it “too lazy to come up with different heads, but they did it to make a statement.  Rebels and empire are basically the same.  The difference is in what they stand for and that rebels include aliens in their ranks.


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