Who was Anakin’s father?

About a year or two ago I was talking to my brother about who anakin’s father might be.  I understand that Lucas may have intended for anakin’s conception to be that similar to how jesus was born of a virgin birth.  However, like the Stupenduswave mentions, There are people out there who do not buy the virgin birth story.  He has a theory that it was plaguise. Before and after I came across this video, I’ve always thought it could very well be palpatine.

Palpatine is the emperor and on a strangely high place in naboo.  You would not expect a lowly slave like shmi and palpatine to hit it off.  But hey, it could have been a one night stand or something lol.  I mean the virgin mary was so successful at getting away with being pure so I’m sure she’s not the only one who can act innocent.  Anyways, shmi claims “that there was no father” and that she “can’t explain what happened” or doesn’t want to because it’s a difficult subject for her.  Also, she may have wanted to give off the impression that she doesn’t mean to sleep around when she’s making an impression around qui gon.  Anakin may have also wondered at certain points who his real father was.  I cannot say for certain since he is after all a fictional character lol. lolol no it was yoda that’s why his midi count is so high jk.

Palpatine on the other hand is much more manipulative.  He is a sith lord after all.  Using plaguise’s teachings, he could “use the force to create life.” Anakin may very well be Palpatine’s son.   But somce anakin was raised earlier by shmi, he grew up as a skywalker.  Anakin Palpatine never knew his true identity.  The same family bond that pulls luke to vader is reminiscent of that vader shows to the emperor.  Ep iii “I need your help son”. Sidious would not reveal to anakin that he is his father until way later.  His name is symbolic of who controls his identity.  anakin skywalker to darth vader.  Luke would never know of this until possibly ep 8 if he does end up having a stronger connection to the dark side.  He wanted to save his father so he ended up killing his grandfather palpatine.  Once vader learns of this he becomes convinced earlier in ep 6 “it’s too late for me, son”.The force is strong in the palpatine family aka skywalker family.  Only someone strong like a palpatine/skywalker could be powerful enough to rule the galaxy.  But then again. not everyone has to be connected this coincidentally.  like saying how boba killed beru and owen.  not everything has to be connected like that.

And then again, how interesting would it be if it turned out that darth vader stands by palpatine’s side because the emperor is vader’s father.  lol and vader’s all like “Nooooooooooooooooo” like luke.  Or what if it’s all just a joke and no one is anyone’s father and the prequels were just a crazy dream.


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