Update- It’s been a while 

I’ve been so caught up with life that I didn’t take the time to post things.  Many would understand this.

So some things that have happened:

I’m now in a relationship and have been through many ups and downs but ultimately I’m happy with my life now and must now maintain it!

Elder scroll online does justice to skyrim woth multiplayer

halo 5 = cliffhanger but okk

swtor kotfe amazing storytelling

battlefront 1.07 k/d up to today and may rise.  always at the top of the scoreboards but ive been recording badass moments and screencapping  scoreboards so much that old ones are being overwritten. just got to lvl 50 cap like the day before yesterday.

saw the force awakens 🙂 .  and then i went to see it again because i just had to.

lego star wars 2015/2016 been buyin a lot

bionicle reboot nuva phase and netflix show coming out in feb


about to go to mammoth in a few days and start spring 2016 classes soon.

To close, I just watched a debate by matt dillahunty that’s been the best debate I’ve seen since his debate with sye.

It was an amazing debate because I feel both sides made strong points.


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