Weekend of May 1 2015

Night of Apr 30 to Morning of May 1: Bryan put on Avengers 1 in the morning and bumped the volume way up and it felt like we were watching it for the first time lol.  I had to go to class and he didn’t so I didn’t get to finish the movie.  When I got back, I finished watchin it with cato; it was his first time seein it.  Afterwards john came back and we discussed what to watch next.  We talked about why I seem to enjoy sci fi the most.  Sci fi impacting me most positively while being consistent about entertainment value was something I realized looking back.  We came up with this: Wolf of Wall Street + Django + Inglorious Bastards Vs.  Edge of Tomorrow + Elysium + District 9.  It was extremely difficult but I’d have to go with the latter.  If Wolf, D., and I.B. included ie the Mummy, I would change my mind.  Tried to figure out what to watch next.  I voted district 9 and john voted kung fu panda.  We agreed to watch both but we had to figure out who’s to watch first.  we both understood it would be nice if for example I watched his idea first and vice versa.  But I figured it’d be best start of with a confusing artistic movie and end on a happy movie before going to sleep.  He thought it would be a better idea to watch king fu panda first because it wouldn’t work after watching an intense movie- it would be harder to mentally switch to a lighthearted one.  he said “We’d be like dafaq is this kiddy shit?” and with that, he sold me and we agreed to watch panda first.  I ended up liking it a lot more than I expected and it was actually fun and it made me laugh.  Made that blast o butter popcorn and killed the bag.  We then watched District 9 and he found it entertaining too.  It did end up sparking an interesting conversation about our analysis of the movie that ended up leading to us talking about life, existence, space, our future, our reality, our universe(s), all possible outcomes.  Etc.  It was one of the best philosophical talks I’ve had in a long time.  It was possibly more entertaining than the debate between Sye and Matt in the Refining Reason Debate.   From talking with john, I ended up learning something I hadn’t thought of before.  Saving the human race, Earth, and our universe might not matter as much as I thought it mattered.  Me and John understand each other and can attack each others’ arguments mercilessly without fear of offending one another because we both understand that this is how we can improve.  In the end we are of damn near identical mindset in terms of philosophy which was so cool.  Anyways, by being my own devil’s advocate, I found that with the elimination of the limitations time places on our reality, everything that can be achieved will be achieved.  However, with the idea that anything impossible also comes with the idea that anything is impossible.  And although we cannot say they cancel out evenly for sure, we can agree on smaller things like how a deistic/position is more reasonable than a specific sect of a theistic position.  Going back in time means access to events prior to the big bang and who knows how many big bangs before that.  If the human race doesn’t achieve time control before extinction if at all…  If our universe collapses in itself, the next inheritor of what replaces life will get its chance to strive to achieve time control at some point… etc… are we even a necessary step to achieve anything… yes… and no… and yes/no , both, all, neither, etc…etc… for reasons I will keep for my own research.  Or you might figure it out?  If so get back to me and I’ll share.  John said everything we have observed has been reactive to something else as far as we can tell.  In the end we still keep the part where we keep things like living life in accordance to our beliefs which are determined by evidence + lack of evidence, etc…  I left a lot of stuff out of this post but I learned a lot and this is why these debates/conversations are productive and fun.  LOL it started because of some comments on district 9 and we ended up talking to about 6:30 in the morning  Started both movies at midnight.  Bryan watched Avengers 2 and went on a date.  He came home while we were near the end of D9  and when we ended our discussion at 6:30AM, we couldn’t find bryan anywhere and looked around for him.  We were exhausted and decided to find him in the morning.  I got 3 hours of sleep.  Not enough for body to recharge/ basically counts as no sleep overall.  Turns out bryan went back to his house.  I basically got no sleep and the next day (last night), I went out with  Ace, Rey, Chris, Dom, Alex, Leo, Eman, Jose and Kat to see Avengers 2. “Age of U” lolol at the 11/12 showing which ended around 2.  We went to Denny’s after and I got Hashbrowns everything.  I puked because of High C + large popcorn plus WAAAAAAYYYY too much butter i put on + no sleep last night.  I was blacking our randomly during the movie so it felt like guardians of the galaxy only a little less memorable.  I need to watch both now with my full attention lol.  Anyways. Parking was a monster.  We made 2 trips with 2 cars each.  Alex’s house mortal combat x and wwe pikachu chewbacca lebron james and kobe.  Pikachu looked wierd af with the glasses and whatnot lol.  Anyways when we were at dennys i puked and it was high c and buttered popcorn everywhere and o shit i just realized right now i should get that pants washed asap brb.  yeah.  i went to sleep around 4 or 5 last night and got a decent amount of sleep but not enough still it feels like. (still didnt get full 7-9 hrs like i need but better than night before) my eyes hurt so much and im feeling really out of it and exhausted.  I need to complete 80% of a cretacolor char pencil medium proj and a work on a stop motion proj.  I’m running out of time lol better get to work.  lolol btw that ep of spongebob of handsome squidward doe.  RN i just needed to write this down to get focused so i can get to work.  I need good eyes for art.  I still feel out extremely tired but I’m running out of time.  My fault for not being more responsible but it was kind of fun and worth it to look back on in life.  Ok.  Go.  I got this.


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