Star Wars Episode 7 George Lucas Edition, Lightsaber Escalation meme, Stephen Colbert on 7, RLM on 7

Remember how George Lucas vs The People?  I love Redlettermedia’s review on the prequels as they explained quite well what specifically caused them to dislike the movies.  I respectfully disagree with many of their points.  The CGI is what made them great for me.  And I even think the horrible chemistry between Anakin and Padme was a nice addition to the films.  It became a good reference for many jokes on one hand which is nice; Everyone loves to laugh.  But at the same time, it’s a completely different set of cultures in the context of the Star Wars universe.  The lore justifies what the movie can’t on its own so sure it fails to achieve what traditionally makes a good movie but then again with Sci Fi, anything goes.  And that is why I love the genre; Unlimited sandbox of creativity.  I just wish that my star wars expanded universe knowledge wasn’t going to get scrapped.  I understand that the new writers should be able to have wiggle room to maximize their effectiveness as writers but when it takes a shit on all the things I’ve come to love about the star wars universe, it is reasonable for me not to be down with that.


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