Adi Shankar

I decided to see who this guy was.  I didn’t know he produced Dredd! He seems like the kind of guy I’d be good friends with.  Everyone in the comments proves exactly the point he makes in this video.  The comments section is a mess btw.  props to him.  The way he shifted the conversation to serious is similar to what I do.  what he changed the topic to is what I would change the topic to.  I don’t give a shit about awkward silences and he is a great example of why.  People who don’t understand his sense of humor just think he’s acting like an asshole.  I appreciate this guy and the rare  philosophers that take on a dark and realistic perspective.  The two guys that are interviewing him seem like they are leaving their optimistic comfort zone to try and relate to him.  I get the same kind of responses from people who are normally too optimistic; it comes with the personality/character.  This is my first impression of tabletalk as well as adi shankar.


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