Afterparty: These are honest to god questions!, …

To my understanding, Death is the enemy. God is his accomplice. Humanity, and all of life as we know it simply exist as far as we know. If we wanna save life, we’re going to have to get smarter fast. The ante has been upped. Time is counting down on a massive level. We have to protect everything our world achieves. Hoard that shit in the archives so we can bring it back out later. Just don’t lose it. Don’t forget. Don’t be forgotten beyond retrieval or you will be left behind. To be lost and forgotten is a fate worse than death. If humanity commits planetary suicide prematurely, all of our efforts will be forfeited. When too many people believe the same lie, we decrease our overall chances of surviving in the long run. If you are ignorant, you should see no difference between me and a proselytizing religious person. I don’t want you to agree with me and stand with me unless you genuinely think so. I stand up for your right to believe different things. Just be sure you’re being thorough before you present your challenges on the stage of the world. We are all people. We should be trying to get along. I believe deep down, we all want good things overall. My personal way of going about the world is to expect and prepare for the worst while hoping for the best. If the worst happens. I should have known and if things turn out great, I can be pleasantly surprised.


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