depressingly beautiful:)


I choose truth over illusion regardless of whether it makes me happy or sad.  

I choose the longest life possible over the life of neutral balance.  

Default position supported by evidence suggests I’ve been absent of conciousness since the beginning of time until my birth.  I will once again cease to be concious once I die until the end of time unless we master the science of resurrection and/or the reverse of time.  Or most of all, if we solve the issue of death.  Since one life time lasts ussually one century, I understand how valuable my time is.  I get to spend it while it slowly gets spend automatically as time goes on.  Value of time increases as you get closer to death.  I wish time was worthless.  I wish I could live forever and explore at least all the universe has to offer beyond the duration of eternity. beyond what is possible.  

right now though, you know who matter to me?! my family and friends who are actually there for me.  I’ve been an open minded extremist for the longest time. God should have no communication problems if he claims to be all knowing and all powerful.  because he does not communicate his message clearly to all people, he is ultimately responsible for religious wars and religious extremists that are willing to  do some of the most inhumane things to people, especially non believers, in the name of god.  As far as I can tell, he either does’t exist because he’s never there lol except when someone needs to find their car keys. 

to brighten my day, seth andrews talks about why it’s important to keep an open mind AND why a mind too open is not always a good thing. 209(ep) unitarianism


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