a little more about me

I feel Fb, myspace, xbox bio, swtor bio, etc have all been great tools in helping me pursue the answer to the question: “who am i?”

btw halo reach challenges for gungnir iii is an example of the journey being more fun than the reward. if people had unlimited time, everything that can be achieved will be achieved. unlimited time is the reward im going for but this time, it’s life or death. the antie has been upped. it’s the limited time on life that creates any sense of urgency. The Atheist Afterlife video words this nicely. anyways, I was having an idea for what to put on my fb bio but i held back and stored it bcz i always feel these thoughts i have at times are not always the ones i want to represent me on fb in front of all my friends and family.

here is a little bit about the me lowkey.
There are people who welcome death with open arms as a transition into the next stage of their life. They do not fear death, but embrace it on the foolish notions that god exists and that he is righteous. I am not one of them. The fear of the unknown mixed with the pursuit of knowledge makes life an adventure worth living. In this brief existance I have to exist in the universe, rather than fear and embrace death, I will foolishly attempt to fight and conquer death. life expectancy: estimated approx 100 years give or take. I may not live to see the rest of the universe explored in the far future. But I eventually hope to show that there are some minds in this generation that aren’t blissfully ignorant carefree dumbasses with an undeserved sense of entitlement spoiled by works left by great minds and the superstitions left by idiots and that some people are even worth reviving because they think ahead of their time. It’s somewhat depressing to live this kind of life alone.


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