tinder social experiments

girls are afraid of meeting serial killers, guys are afraid of meeting a fat girl… lol that’s fucked up.
What not to say to a girl. I’ve done it. What to say to a girl. I’ve done it and I’m kind of surprised that i came to a similar result. i role play randomly for fun and it works. i do the thumb war thing irl, i play off of their bio as best as i can. This is somewhat surprising in a crazy way bcz i came up with all this data myself and independently, others have come to the same conclusion! WTF lol … i guess this counts as science too… i kinda want to come up with something new since now i know other ppl are doing the same things as me. does that make me a hipster? that whole, “hipsters don’t think of themselves as hipsters” thing is kind of dumb… it’s like someone going, “yeah, that’s right! Keep breathing, asshole!” *you keep breathing* did they win. in a way yeah but really no, that was just stupid.


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