How did early man decide that compounds such as table salt were okay to eat?  Was it trial and error? Many of us already know this but when we break down the components of table salt, we have sodium and chloride.  Each would be deadly individually but somehow, we’ve integrated salt into our everyday diet.  Wtf?! lol  It’s not too clear where this practice of consuming salt originated but it is a coincidence that definitely seems miraculous.  But then again, someone who survives a car crash might embrace this lucky experience to reinforce their misinterpreted streak that was really coincidence but they couldn’t tell the difference.  Maybe man had a lot more time to experiment with various substances back in the day allowing these decisions to be determined the long and tedious way.  Reminds me of math; you know there’s a shortcut, but you can’t remember what it was so you do it the long way because that works too.  It may be less efficient, but it works! And we have the ability to get the results we need.


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