bionicle 2015 random comments and thoughts:

i first had to choose between pohatu and onua. i got pohatu. this time i might get onua first this time because i lost onepu.
gali, kopaka, came from derek and pat. i got tahu last. i remember getting lewa from wal mart i think or maybe derek and pat gave. i know derek liked brown and blue. so derek had a spare brown i think. i got kongu and andy got jala from mcdonalds first. i think i want to get the power up sets for green or black as my final decision. i want to get red last like before. maybe white ice wolf second to last and blue 3rd to last or near the time i get green. i like pohatu’s asymmetrical design that gives him some neon green parts. oh yeah! lewa has neon green eyes. i need to check out all their eyes sometime. green red and blue were the original concept arts i saw. all amazing. i think tahu and kopaka wolves kept theor designs most similar. onua and pohatu second. amd green and blue last. of the protectors, the white and black ones have really good color schemes. but i might go green not only for nostalgia’s sake. but because i like his weapon. 2nd fav is onu protector because color scheme and knife. white just bcz color scheme. new omega looking lewa is a juggernaut now. onua used to be the smallest. now he is the biggest. protectors of earth power up and protectors of jungle power up. i’d like to inspect pohatu’s asymmetrical armor on his arms. at first, i was thinking black power up first but now i think i might go with green so that i can understand the majority build. color schemes are gray, black, yellow which is hazop. and the greens for envirohaz. onua has a cool mask but then so does pohatu and i want those masks both almost equally. i think i will go with green but only if it’s the power up set. if alone, i might go brown like repeating history. now i think i should only get black if i get the power up set for it.

“lego is the only company that hasn’t been slowly disappointing me.” lol

i got the app for the nee bionicle game and i just watched the interview xD


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