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From Devout Christian to Polytheist to Agnostic to Agnostic Atheist to Atheist to Atheistic Agnostic. Now I understand why the intelligent tend to be depressed and full of doubt while the stupid are cock sure and blissfully ignorant. But at the same time, it’s such a liberating and sobering experience to wake up to real life. The idea of not existing after I die was a concept that scared the fuck out of me. Ignoring the problem doesn’t make it go away. Being intellectually dishonest doesn’t solve anything either. Thanks to the internet’s rumble pit of arguments, I’ve sorted through them tediously to verify or disprove my findings. I now know that even though I may appear alone locally, I’m not alone in the world. This came through years of trying to disprove myself to make the facts I work with in life less succeptable to fallibility. I’m sorry I couldn’t make this funny to you; maybe I did or maybe I just pissed you off if you were unable to empathize with my situation. But if you took the time to actually read this to the end, it shows something about your open mindedness and I respect that.

(atheistic agnosticism link uses same description for agnostic atheism.). I kind of want to just make it simple and say I’m an atheist but i feel the need to be politically correct.


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